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Looking for help for mirrors

Mediafire finally got my sdk files too \ >.< / since my internet connection is not good,I'm wondering if any of you who have downloaded my subbed videos,are able to upload it to another mirrors. so we can help those who want to download it. I was thinking to upload soft sub instead but then realized that I have deleted my soft sub file for sdk with ito yuna came for the first time as the guest. (stupid me).

So, if any of you can provide me with mirror links, feel free to contact me.or you can put it directly in comment

thanks ^^

Need a Japanese proofreading

Again ! I need your help who are able to do Japanese proofreading .

I'm in the middle of doing timing for an old sdk episode with the translation that I got from kireira.
but the chinese sub version had been edited (shorter) than the original one,so there are some parts which don't have Chinese subtitle and kireira has translated it herself. But still, there are some parts without sub so we need your help to do some Japanese proofreading.

If you are interested of doing the Japanese proofreading,please pm me.  The episode that I'm doing right now is the 61th episode with Madame Dewi as the guest (2002.07.14) . Please tell me if you don't have the raw file. I will try to upload the raw though lately the internet becomes such a huge enemy of mine >.<

yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

Koichi Domoto in Hey! Hey! Hey!

Just got translation of Koichi Domoto in Hey! Hey! Hey!  in 2006 from sweet kireira . What can I do without her ? :)

I'm going to do the timing and hardsubbing,but due to my hectic work and I have to go abroad for on the job duty so it will quite take time .

Please wait patiently, I can guarantee that totally worth it for the waiting.Its completely hilarious ! (as expected from Koichi-Downtown's combination). Also for you who miss Tom san and even Fukakyon. I have to admit that sometimes I love to see rabu-rabu moments between Koichi and Kyoko (talking about I'm being unstable lol)

Once its done I will announce on Domotokyoudai forum ^^




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